Chalk calligraphy

Video games are complex in their creation, however a typography improvised and written freehand with no digital no templates is understood and transmits immediately.


the kitchen

space invadersssss !!!. I drew them in illustrator and then cut them with vinyl cutter plotter. Love them :).


one of my games (iphone and ipad apps)

and another one ‘blobo joy of Xmas’ :

✿— Maple ❤ Wisteria

111’s garden


own quote : «luck is directly proportional to the time spent»


s. jobs

Steve Jobs :

«I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates«


Steve Wozniak :

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.”


The first computer i had access to was my brother’s. This 48 kb british beauty from the eighties changed my life. Its name ‘ ZX Spectrum Sinclair ‘ (amazing).


Many of us ‘plugged in’ to the world of video games and managed to teach us to be patient (hours loading their game cassettes in memory). Writing first codes ‘little intermittent color screen’ and things like that. You could take 10 minutes to program something nice in Basic and up to 2 hours to load a game -> not loaded correctly -> try it again and again…Endless hours chatting with the suffering friend or family member who shared with you those expectant moments. True magic.

✿ Note: keyboard keys look like Apple iMac keyboard :O.