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Elia & Friends . Nyc – Spain

Elia & Friends join “los 111 beta testers” to test our current games and new projects before @appstore . Welcome !!!.

Elia & Friends Nyc-Spain students join the team THE 111 BETA TESTERS.Ours students will be testers of their games and…

Publicado por Elia & Friends en Jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014


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los 111 beta testers

join #los111 the #betatester team. Test my #apple #game #apps before #appstore . Together we’ll change the gameography !!! ;D at

Los 111 beta testers.Our games testing team. Formed by a bunch of kids (old and young ;D). They report bugs and failures, their user experience and, of course, are extremely critical.
And the most important thing, they help this humble indie developer to keep feet firm on the ground.
Thank you guys !.

join #los111 the #betatester team. Test my #apple #game #apps before #appstore . Together we'll change the gameography !!! ;D at