Blobo HD Preview ✭✭✭✭✭


“Games for children have more goals than pure entertainment. Blobo HD fosters memory improvement, manual coordination and dexterity. Hidden within an entertaining game for children is a truly educational experience. Children will be attracted by the variety of elements of this colorful app, accompanied at all times by a well-designed and enjoyable soundtrack. Through a a seemingly simple approach, players guide Blobo and his family through different phases, each allowing for the discovery of new elements. A good choice to spend the hours.

Verdict : 4 stars «. — iCreate magazine num. 25 Spain (Axel Springer Group).


To begin a playful and educational experience, tap on the music boxes. Explore and interact with Blobo and his family in a world of brilliant color, sounds and funny animations.

Watch your child smile as this app helps to develop hand-eye coordination, memory and manual dexterity skills. Your child’s smile and wonder fills us with infinite satisfaction.


Protection and healthy growth of children is our primary goal (no external links on this app).

Our target : develop hand-eye coordination and happy faces. Find us on

– Now you can play Blobo HD on your iPhone and iPad !